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   Italian beauty

Venice. If the words unique, vibrant and magical are on your itinerary, you will find them all in this floating city. This enchanting destination is a favorite among lovers and the lovers of photography. They say, if the couple riding in a gondola kisses under each bridge they pass, they will stay in love forever. PS: There are only 417 bridges to pass under. It’s easy to get lost in the narrow streets of Venice, but then again who would mind that? This 1500 year old city is not only a feast for the eyes, in my humble opinion, it has some of the best seafood and coffee in Europe, if you're adventurous enough to find those hidden restaurants and cafe's in the maze that is its beautiful and enchanting streets.


To Bombay

    Taj Mahal To Bollywood Express

​India is such a colorful and festive destination; you will never be the same after a few weeks in the subcontinent. From Agra in the north west to the exotic ports of the south, every city here is like a country in its own right. India is such a diverse landscape, there are the Himalayas, the beautiful beaches of Goa, the burnt deserts and imposing forts of Rajasthan and the lush tropical forests of the east inhabited by elephants and tigers. It is also a powerhouse of drama and culture, think Bollywood, more than twenty languages and an array of cuisines to delight any palate. Sometimes it’s a lot to take in for a novice traveller, but isn't that where the fun is?

Vivid Living

   Vivid living of Italian Fishermen

Burano is one of the best kept secrets of Venice. This small island of brightly coloured houses and markets, with fresh seafood from the lagoon, attracts many curious (and hungry) travellers. The village looks like a fairly tale place you'd expect to see at the end of a rainbow. The old legend says that the fishermen painted their houses in bright colours so they would see them through the thick fog and avoid crashing into the shore whilst on their voyage back home. Oh, and the village is full of cats. I mean street gangs of cats. It’s definitely a must see location if you are in Venice and is only an idyllic 45 mins boat ride away.

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